When should you hire a virtual assistant?

  1. When you have tasks that doesn’t require a full-time employee.
  • Hiring someone on a full-time basis or hiring someone to execute a task that only needs a few hours of work per week makes no sense. In this scenario, it is best to hire a virtual assistant who can work from remote location.
  1. When there are monotonous and non-core tasks.
  • The majority of new enterprises and start- ups focus on non-core tasks. It involves handling emails, answering cold callings, research, etc.
  • Ideally it is not right to squander your valuable time on these tasks, virtual assistant can carry out these tasks on your behalf and you can focus on your core competencies.
  1. When you wish there were two of you.
  • While expanding your business, there never seem to be enough hours in a day. This is a good sign that you should hire a virtual assistant.
  1. When you want to reduce operating expenses.
  • You can hire a virtual assistant to complete the tasks for you rather than paying a full-time employee. Because they charge on an hourly or a task basis.
  • You can save training costs, variable costs, & overhead costs.

Why should you hire a virtual assistant?

  1. Virtual assistant can boost business growth
  • Theoretically it is easy to say that one person is enough but practically it is difficult to complete every task by yourself.
  • Hire a virtual assistant and divide your workload, eventually you will see the difference in the business because you have the time to focus on core activities.
  1. Access to the highly qualified professional
  • When your business is in growth stage, bring a skilled virtual assistant in your team will help you to work efficiently.
  • Nowadays everyone has an unrestricted access to best talent so you don’t have to worry about geographic limitations while working with a virtual assistant.
  • A little fun fact: India has the world’s highest number of skilled resources.
  1. Focus on the core competencies
  • As an entrepreneur, you need more time to concentrate on your primary business operations.
  • Take note of the following two things:
    • Things that you can’t do on your own.
    • Things you shouldn’t be doing on your own.
  • There will also be a number of tasks in which you lack sufficient experience and required skills. Not everything needs your undivided attention.
  • Asking your VA to handle your routine tasks will allow you to manage it all. All that you have to do is, JUST ASK!
  1. 24*7 availability
  • A new business will get queries from the customers, and you cannot respond to them 24*7.
  • Customers are always out and about, thus the most cost-effective solution is to hire a virtual assistant. Services provided by virtual assistants from all over the world are included.
  • Additionally, a professional is on hand to take calls from customers and respond to any queries. A virtual assistant will be there to work even if there is a different time zone. The virtual assistants keep the business informed, and you are provided with the information.

What are the ways of managing a virtual assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant can come up with a share of concerns. And when you are not interacting with them, a lot of things can go wrong. It is the reason a lot of people think managing a virtual assistant can be a troublesome task.  

  1. Communication
  • The more you interact with your VA, the more clearly, he/she will comprehend the demands of your task.
  • You need to rely on tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Skype to stay in touch with them. These are the communication tools that help to stay connected via both messaging and video calls.
  1. Track the progress of tasks
  • You need to use a project management tool, to divide the tasks and streamline the work with virtual assistants. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. Your VA will help you setting it up. Using a good project management tool helps you to:
    • Divide the projects and tasks with detailed descriptions.
    • Set due dates, task dependencies, and more.
    • Verify the projects’ status.
    • Facilitates interaction between virtual assistants and workers.
  1. Use performance monitoring tools
  • If you get worried about the monitoring of your virtual assistant’s performance and productivity. You have tools like a Webwork tracker that helps to track the productivity of virtual assistants. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We use state of the art tools to track, monitor and review productivity and efficiency.

It can be challenging for the average small business owner to manage operations; between managing clients, staff, and following up on contracts, he or she hardly has time to breathe.

Everyone around you urges you to “get an assistant,” but it’s not always possible to hire a full-time committed assistant. However, a virtual one is possible as well as sustainable.

Like any other job, outsourcing the function of a virtual assistant may take some time, but once the hunt is over and the ideal candidate is found, you will wonder how would you have managed your business without them!

Infinity business solutions is there for you to offer you the top virtual assistant specialists in accordance with your needs.

We have skilled virtual assistants that will help you with your daily tasks as per your requirement and industry sector.