It is possible for you to hire additional staff to help you, but do you encompass sufficient assignments to bridge the gap between 40 hours every week or perhaps even 20 hours each week? If your answer is no, that worker, that particular staff will be enjoying leisure on your treasure. With IBS Virtual Assistants you pay only for the work-time, you pay – nothing extra.

Even if you engage the services of a conventional or virtual employee, you still won’t be dealing with the real issue. Conventional employees tend to misuse time while working, and the more time they clock-in, the more you have to pay them. An average worker wastes about 30%-50% of their work hours on non-work related distractions. This means not only is your time wasted, but your money also goes down the drain. IBS chalks out such an efficient and customized plan that your virtual assistant is always ready, completing your tasks while you concentrate on other dealings.

IBS believes and confirms on delivering Virtual Assistant services with the maximum value for your money. Our highly proficient virtual assistants spend time actually working while on the job. You will also be receiving a detailed report of work progress for the virtual assistant - which includes minute processes done by them every hour.

Infinity Business Solutions (IBS) excels at delivering:

Competent Virtual Assistants

Our team of extremely capable Virtual Assistants has years of strong experience in varied applications. We assign each VA according to our client’s requirement and chalk-out an appropriate process flow. Paramount quality work delivered on time is our ultimate purpose.

100% Flexibility

Our virtual assistants function with tremendous time-efficiency while you are away working on your core business activities. You will pay only for the work they have done, not a penny more. So whether you have a hectic workload or a slow week, we ensure the Virtual Assistant is always ready to support your schedule - EXACTLY as you want.

You certainly will save money & resources by not paying for additional workspace, employee benefits, office supplies (bonuses, computers, coffee, etc.) or similar things which are the general overheads. Your Virtual Assistant comes prepared with own supplies, fine education, and a sound proficient background.

Now you have the power to cut down on wasting your work hours and pay only for the tasks assigned to the virtual assistant. When it comes to choosing efficiency coupled with effectiveness, Infinity Business Solutions is your most reliable option.



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