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Established in 2009, Infinity Business Solutions (IBS) has been providing world-class Virtual Staffing Solutions for over 15 years. We are a company with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We work in an efficient and cost-effective fashion to provide the highest quality services with absolute accuracy and that measures up to the highest industry standards. Our Virtual Assistants support a range of clientele, including small business owners, corporate business houses and NGOs. We fill in the gaps in your work and make it a smooth and pleasant experience for you. Making the best use of our intellectual capital and customer-handling experience, we provide high-end processes and results to businesses across the globe.


Here are just a few reasons to hire a virtual assistant by Infinity Business Solutions for all your outsourcing needs:

Skillsets You Get When You Hire Virtual Assistant

Dionne C. Monsanto

I am ridiculously happy with my VA. Even with the age difference and the cultural difference, the other members of my team have even acknowledged how beautiful the graphics are that she created. I’m in Costa Rica now so we have a new time difference to negotiate and we’re doing well. I need graphics done for webinars next week and is unplanned speaking event today and she turned everything around quickly.

Dionne C. Monsanto

Andrea Turner-Boys

Infinity Business Solutions, is a total professional service provider, operates with accuracy and completes the tasks swiftly. I am very happy to recommend Their services to anyone who needs a VA.

Andrea Turner-Boys

Bethany Osborne

Working with Bhavini has been a pleasure. She is quick to respond to requests, and not only promises but also delivers quick turnaround times on all jobs.

Bethany Osborne

Maggie Webber

I first discovered the team at Infinite Business Solutions when I was trying to find a way to get on top of the huge amount of emails I receive each day. Not only did they sort out that challenge, but since that time the team has designed 2 websites for me, sorted out all my receipts for my tax agent each year, they have designed flyers, and so much more. And everything is done politely, efficiently and at a great price. I do not know how I ever ran my business without Infinite Business Solutions, and I am very grateful to everyone at the company who supports me. By helping with the tedious little tasks that can waste so much of my creative time, I can now focus my time and energy working on my business instead of the day to day running of it.

Maggie Webber

Chris Ogle

I initially acquired the services of Infinity Business Solutions through my mother Maggie as a referral. After a couple of quality jobs, I started to become more and more reliant on Bhavini and her team to assist with many of my business tasks. Over the past few months, I have been working closely with Aarti, and have been so thankful for the amazing work that she has produced for me. Infinity Business Solutions are reliable, efficient, and extremely friendly. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks for the fantastic work guys, and I look forward to working closely together in the future!

Chris Ogle

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an administrative expert who works remotely for one or more clients. They can manage a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to: making and taking appointments, managing email and scheduling, light bookkeeping, and travel arrangements.. Any company, no matter how big or small, can benefit from using a virtual assistant using the services of the best virtual assistant company like IBS.

Can you tell me what a virtual assistant does?

Administrative tasks are one area where a virtual assistant might be useful. Therefore, they provide a versatile and competent resource for startups, small enterprises, entrepreneurs, and big organizations, allowing them to focus on what’s most important while they tackle less pressing matters. A virtual assistant may be someone right next door or halfway across the globe.

What are the responsibilities of a virtual assistant?

The responsibilities of virtual assistants may vary from one firm or job role to another. What a virtual assistant does for a living is entirely up to the customer or business that employs them.

How can I find a virtual assistant with the right skills?

The most important qualities for a virtual assistant to have are initiation and independence. They should also have little trouble navigating modern office applications, being proficient in email and video conferencing, and generally being tech-smart. Some virtual assistants may hold advanced degrees or certifications, such as those from reputable trade schools or colleges. Whatever the case may be, the first step in finding the right virtual assistant for your needs is to make sure they are competent and a suitable match. IBS is one such virtual assistant company that gives you the best virtual personal assistant support you require to succeed.

How can I contact my virtual assistant from afar?

You can communicate with your virtual assistant from anywhere using any method that suits you best, and the service will be delivered promptly.

Will the virtual assistant I employ work hours that are convenient for me?

Of course, we understand that your hectic schedule makes time a premium, and we’re committed to meeting your needs. The time that your virtual assistant works is dependent on your own.

What is the cost of hiring a virtual assistant?

A lot of firms, particularly small and medium businesses, can benefit from virtual assistants. Their rates differ according to work, allowing you to keep prices low without sacrificing quality!

Can I trust virtual assistants with my company's sensitive information?

With IBS’s robust privacy policies and data security system, you can rest assured that your information is protected. We adhere to international standards such as GDPR, PIPEDA, CPNI, and ECPA and have non-disclosure agreements in place.