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Hire Legal Virtual Assistant

Hire Legal Virtual Assistant Overwhelmed by client emails and case briefs? Our knowledgeable legal assistants are available to relieve you of the burden of paperwork! Virtual legal assistants from our team of experts will make your law practice more organized and happier than before!

The Advantages of Hiring a Legal Assistant for Lawyers:

A law firm at times could be the most hectic place to work. Lawyers need a handy extra pair of hands when it comes to paperwork and court dates. Nevertheless, it takes them a very long time to locate the ideal paralegal who can serve as a second pair of hands. Our goal at infinity is to simplify your life. Thus, the following benefits come with employing a legal assistant from Infinity Business Solutions: 

  • Document Automation and Management
  • Legal Research Assistance
  • WorkFlow Automation
  • Customer Service Support 
  • Data Security and Compliance

All lawyers are aware how tedious the paperwork related to real estate transactions are. Recently, we came across an Independent Practicing Real Estate Attorney Elle Woods. Her skill set allowed her to quickly gain a large number of clients in a short period of time. But being an independent business owner began to wear her down. She was so overwhelmed by the paperwork that she eventually had to start telling prospective clients, “No.” She was also devoting a considerable amount of time to the manual compilation and tracking of documents. Thankfully, she discovered Infinity at the perfect moment. 

Solutions we offered:

Elle Woods came to us after realizing that she was not able to do everything by herself and keep her sanity at the same time.
Here are the solutions and legal assistance we offered:

A Dedicated and Skillful Legal Assistant

The absence of an additional pair of hands was our beloved solopreneur’s first and most significant issue. We had the ideal answer right here! Elle’s complete brief was received by our work genie, aka legal assistant, who assisted her in organizing the laborious material. Elle resumed taking on new clients by the second week after hiring the legal assistant! 

Document Automation

Elle found her energy drained by the extensive agreements and paperwork involved in real estate transactions. To alleviate this burden, her legal assistant helped her set up an automation program tailored for handling prolonged property and real estate cases.

Social Media Presence

There are many important considerations when it comes to advertising for attorneys and legal companies. Elle’s Legal Assistant assisted her in producing interesting yet instructive content for her social media while Elle concentrated on assisting her clients with property issues.

Customer Support

Clients calling Elle for updates while she drafted case briefs or argued in court was a recurring issue. Hiring Infinity as her legal assistant resolved this problem, ensuring she no longer received client calls during scheduled hearings.

Our work genies don’t just stop at three wishes! Get your virtual legal assistant right away, just like Elle did. Make an appointment with us right now!


What services does the Legal Assistant provide?

Our Legal Assistants offer a range of services, including legal research, document preparation, case management, and administrative support to lawyers and law firms.

How can an Infinity’s Legal Assistant benefit my law practice?

Hiring a Legal Assistant can enhance the efficiency of your practice by handling routine tasks, organizing case files, conducting legal research, and providing administrative support, allowing attorneys to focus on legal strategy and client interactions.

How do you ensure confidentiality and professionalism in handling sensitive legal matters?

We prioritize the security of sensitive legal information. Our Legal Assistants adhere to strict confidentiality protocols, and we implement secure communication channels and data storage systems to protect your confidential information.

What technology or legal software do your Legal Assistants use?

Our Legal Assistants are proficient in various legal software and tools like Clio, Lawmatic, FreshWorks etc. Additionally, we adapt to your preferred tools and platforms to ensure seamless collaboration and integration with your law practice.


Fill in the gaps in your work and make it a smooth and pleasant experience for you with efficient, cost-effective and world-class Virtual Staffing Solutions by Infinity Business Solutions (IBS).

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