Every one of us has experienced being overburdened by work, especially when it is remote. It’s really simple to forget about all the meetings, deadlines, and emails.

Thankfully, we live in a time where we have unlimited resources to help organise our lives. 

Here is a list of tools to help you organize your work and ensure efficiency.

PS: Your VA can help you set these up if you don’t use them already.

1. Trello

Trello is an excellent tool for organising that aids in classifying projects into different groups. It divides tasks into cards, steps, and boards. A group can be organised by giving them boards according to the responsibilities they have been allocated. Trello’s collaboration features significantly cut down on the volume of emails you get!

We have found that Trello has been a huge assistance in coordinating with our colleagues and clients. It makes it simpler and ensures that everyone is in harmony without having to communicate all the time.

2. Slack 

Slack can assist with communication, which is essential. Slack is a channel-based communication platform. Within the workspace, you can privately communicate with users and organise channels by subject or project. It makes it possible for more informal dialogue. Slack is accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


For communication when travelling, Slack is excellent. You can still be “in office” while being less tethered to your laptop. It’s a fantastic tool for brief communications that don’t really warrant a complete email. Additionally, you may create cute emojis to jazz up talks!

3. Zoom

Email or text message communication isn’t always sufficient. When communicating face-to-face with someone from the other end of the world, zoom is a wonderful tool. You can hold meetings with up to 100 individuals for 40 minutes at a time using their free edition. For case you need to hold meetings on the go, they also provide a mobile app.

Zoom has proven quite useful for communicating about more complicated jobs that call for in-depth discussion. It enables you to use this space as effectively as possible in addition to creating a location for meetings and even virtual events. It nearly feels like you’re in the same room as the other person with the help of features like the share your screen option, whiteboards, and built-in recorders!

4. Google Workspace

Google Workspace features a number of useful apps that can help you with many facets of your business. It was formerly known as Google Workspaces. Google Meet, Google Drive, and Google Calendar are a few of these applications. A video communication tool similar to Zoom is Google Meet. A cloud-based platform called Google Drive contains documents, spreadsheets, and slide displays. You can access your Google Calendar on any device because it syncs to your account.

In general, Google Workspace is a platform that makes it simple to share and work together with coworkers. It’s the ideal one-stop shop for all of your virtual assistant needs! Everything is really simple to use and comprehend.

5. Canva 

Canva is an amazing tool for any virtual assistant in the marketing world. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to create professional-looking graphics, posters, and presentations.


Canva is a great place to start, even if you have no experience in visual design! It has plenty of preset templates for those of us who may not be familiar with creating different graphics. For the virtual assistants who are more experienced, Canva still provides an intuitive resource!

6. Todoist 

Todoist is an app that serves as a project manager and to-do list all in one. You have the choice to set daily routines, as well as short- and long-term goals. To organise various chores and projects, you can make boards. It contains a built-in Chrome extension, a desktop and mobile app, and other convenient features.

Having a personal to-do list like Todoist will make your life so much easier if you easily lose track of stuff. Todoist can be used in conjunction with other applications like Trello to keep things simple and organised. Additionally, checking items off your to-do list is always satisfying. 

7. Dropbox


Dropbox is an alternative tool for Google drive. It is used when you want to share big files. Dropbox is another tool to use to assign new jobs to virtual assistants. In essence, you have also got a screen recorder set up. Therefore, before assigning a new task to the assistant, you can screen work yourself and demonstrate how to perform it. 

The screen recording then syncs into my VA’s Dropbox folder when you stop recording it on Dropbox. After seeing it, they can go on with the task at hand.

8. Last Pass

This is crucial. When working with virtual assistants, it allows you to share passwords with your assistant, but the passwords are encrypted. So they’re not able to steal your password. And if you ever need to fire your virtual assistant, all you have to do is remove them from the last pass and they lose access to everything. 

The reason this is so amazing is that you can give them passwords to things that are very sensitive. And as soon as you know, if you, for some reason, stop trusting them within one click, you can get rid of them from access to everything. Now in the past, if you wanted to give them access to 10 different things, you’d have to go in and change all 10 of those passwords. And that could be very time-consuming and annoying for you. So Last Pass is a great way to give access to all your different passwords to your virtual assistant without having to worry whether or not you can trust them.

If you’ve never worked with a Virtual Assistant before, it can feel overwhelming figuring out everything you need to do. The software platforms mentioned here are some of the most used by VAs to support clients. 

While each is built to save time, many tasks are time-consuming and do not require executive-level skills. The projects still need to be done by someone competent who pays attention to detail and is accountable for quality and deadlines.   

These are by no means the only tasks a virtual assistant can do, but they are the most common starting points. If you are looking for virtual assistant services visit our website