Running a business in 2024 is relatively easy. However, growing a business organically is getting extremely difficult. The most common problem small business owners face is a need for more access to budget-friendly talent and technology. Hence, most business owners hire a virtual assistant to get these advantages while focusing on core business activities. Before any business owner decides to hire a VA for their team, a question they face is, “What is the cost of hiring a VA?” We’re here to answer this question for you today! In this blog, we have focused on the various factors that lead to the varying costs of virtual assistants in 2024.

What is the cost of Hiring a Virtual Assistant in 2024?

The cost of hiring a virtual assistant in 2024 depends on many factors, including the virtual assistant’s specific business area, experience, and geographical location. However, like all other service sectors, there’s a common pricing threshold for virtual assistants. You can expect to find a VA that meets your needs within $15 to $50 per hour. If you need a VA with specific expertise, be prepared to pay a bit more.

Factors leading up to the cost of a VA

The list below describes the various cost factors for hiring a virtual assistant today. Let’s take a look:

Experience and Skills

If you need help with your social media engagement, you can hire a college student at an hourly rate of $20. But if you want a seasoned VA who can craft a winning social media strategy, analyze data to optimize your content, and even create engaging video ads, you might be looking at $40 or more per hour. That extra experience and skill set can be the difference between getting likes and getting real results for your business.

Geographical Location

The cost of living in different locations also affects the costs of a VA. The most common geographical landscapes that flourish in providing VA services are India, the Philippines, and some parts of North America. When living costs are low, their fees for VA services would also be low. For example, a US-based VA may charge $30 per hour that someone from India can get done for $22.

Type of Work

In 2024, virtual assistant services are not limited to managing calendars or emails. The VA services can range from marketing to real estate to tech and even the laws! The scope is wider than ever. As a result, the type of work you need from your VA significantly impacts their costs. The table below gives an idea of how Virtual assistants today charge for different types of work:

VA TasksTypes of FunctionsAverage Hourly Rates
Basic Admin TasksEmail Management and SchedulingData Entry and Spreadsheet ManagementTravel Arrangements and Booking$10-$20/hour
Intermediate Tasks Customer Service and Email SupportResearch and Competitive AnalysisProject Management and OrganizationLead Generation and QualificationCreating Basic Presentations and Reports$20-$35/hour
Advanced TasksAccounting and BookkeepingWeb Development and ProgrammingGraphic Design and Video EditingSocial Media ManagementParalegal Services$35-$50+/hour

Payment Structure

All individual Virtual Assistants and VA agencies follow different payment structures and pricing plans as they may feel work best for them. The type of payment structure your VA follows will impact the cost of their services. Let’s see the popular payment structures:

Hourly Rate

This is the most common type of pricing plan in the virtual assistant industry. You pay your VA for the number of hours they have worked. The hourly rate structure for VA services is useful for projects with fluctuating workloads.

Project Based Pricing

When you hire a VA for a specific task, like an accounting VA, to help you with accounting for a specific time, you can opt for project-based pricing. The major benefit of this is that the cost for the entire project is decided upfront.

Retainer Plan

This pricing plan for Virtual Assistant services is ideal for long-term associations and projects. You pay a set monthly fee for a predetermined number of service hours, which the VA can distribute to meet your monthly needs. At Infinity Business Solutions, our personalized payment structure combines hourly rates and a retained plan. Hence, we are giving you the best of both worlds.

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How do you pay your VA?

As a result of technological advances, there are many convenient ways through which you can pay for your virtual assistant in 2024, depending on the location, pricing model, and convenience of your VA. The following payment options are available:

  • Paypal;
  • Payoneer;
  • Escrow Services;
  • Direct Deposit, and
  • Other Payment Processors


To conclude, how much does a virtual assistant cost in 2024? The answer is: it depends! But fear not—with a little planning and these handy tips, you can find a talented VA who perfectly fits your budget and helps you soar to success. Book a consultation with Infinity today!