With the advent of technology, the reliance on Artificial intelligence for simple jobs is increasing day by day. It is obvious that artificial intelligence is replacing several jobs in this digital era. However, the confusing dilemma of whether to hire a staff member or use a virtual administrative assistant frequently crops up. Let us understand the pros and cons of both options in this blog.

Parameters of Both Virtual Assistant and Employee

Diverse Skill Set

It is evident that a virtual administrative assistant can instill several skill sets by incorporating multiple updated skills when it comes to having a comprehensive skill set. On the other hand, workers might have difficulty in adding new abilities to their résumé, need to spend more money and time on it, and might not be exceptionally good at multitasking.


Virtual assistants can work as independent freelancers, full-time or part-time, on a project basis or for a brief period. This implies they can work on the basis of your flexibility, whereas employees will not work according to your flexibility and can only provide assistance during designated office hours; hence, hiring virtual assistants will be less expensive for you.


Since virtual assistants operate remotely, you won’t be able to contact them in an emergency to help with an unforeseen issue. Employees, on the other hand, can respond to emergencies swiftly because they are working effectively at your service.

Technical Difficulties

Your work may come to an abrupt halt if the virtual assistant experiences technical issues. Your output may suffer substantially. Meanwhile, in the case of workers, there are fewer risks of hardware breakdown or lack of internet connection, which will save a lot of time and won’t negatively impact your productivity.


Whether you will need a virtual assistant or an employee will depend on the type of work you are assigning them. There are different sets of perks for employees and virtual assistants. While workers are reliable and can be beneficial in the long run, virtual assistants can offer prompt support in a variety of situations. If you are looking for an appropriate virtual assistant provider, then look no further than Infinity Business Solutions. They are experts at offering companies, NGOs, and corporations top-notch virtual hiring services that guarantee a seamless and enjoyable working environment.