For high achieving real estate agents, open houses seamlessly turn into client consultations taking up the majority of their productive hours. However, these smart workers can also not escape the wrath of hefty paperworks as soon as they start closing deals. So how can they grow sustainably in this competitive market? The most simple answer to this issue is by hiring a virtual assistant to outsource their menial tasks! Today, being a real estate virtual assistant is a niche that requires a specific skill set that allows real estate agents to focus on growth. In this blog, we will discuss various different tasks that you can delegate to a real estate virtual assistant. 

15 Different Tasks of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

1. Managing and Scheduling Appointments

It can be your real estate virtual assistant’s duty to manage and schedule all your appointments, ensuring that no double bookings take place. This can free up significant chunks of your time.

2. Answering Client Queries

All real estate clients are curious creatures considering their search for the perfect home or property. As a result, sometimes agents are required to answer the most absurd of the queries raised by their clients. Whereas, a real estate virtual assistant can easily take up this task from the agent’s hands. So, the real estate VAs can answer emails and texts from potential buyers and sellers, letting them know about new listings or answering questions about the buying or selling process.

3. Manage Social Media Presence and Interactions

Building a presence on social media requires more than just consistent posting. You’ll also have to interact with your followers. This is something that a real estate VA can easily do for you.

4. Create Listing Descriptions

With the surge in the real estate market, to gain more attention from potential clients you need to create compelling listing descriptions. A skilled real estate virtual assistant can write up descriptions of your properties that will make them stand out to potential buyers. Moreover, these days they can also use the right AI prompts, taking listing descriptions to another level.

5. Scheduling Property Photography and Virtual House Tours

All virtual assistants are tech enabled. However, all real estate agents may not be so tech savvy. So, for all such noobs, their real estate virtual assistants can find and schedule photographers to take high-quality photos of your listings, and they can also create virtual tours so that potential buyers can tour the property from home.

6. Promote Listings Online

There are many online platforms through which a real estate agent can promote their listings. A dedicated virtual assistant can research these platforms, post your listings there and promote it on various social media channels to reach more potential buyers.

7. Manage Calendar

A real estate virtual assistant will keep a track of their agent’s appointments, deadlines, and other important events.

8. Manage Database

With the help of the right tools and technology, your real estate VA can enter and update client information into your database, so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

9. Market Research

Keeping up with the current market trends is very important in real estate. This is not only limited to pricing but the fashionable interiors and trending properties, amenities and more. Your real estate virtual assistant can do thorough market research for all trends in your practice area so that you can price your listings competitively.

10. Curating Neighbourhood Reports

As a part of research, your real estate virtual assistant can also perform the tasks of compiling a report of the neighbouring homes, schools, hospitals and other properties. Moreover, they can even look up the crime rates in surrounding areas for you, ensuring the safety of your clients.

11. Update Online Listings

Posting listings online is one thing. But, you also have to keep them up to date with peculiar details. This task may seem easy when you’re just starting out. However, when the number of your listings increase, using the assistance of a real estate virtual assistant to keep them up to date online on various platforms can be fruitful.

12. Lender Co-ordination

While you’re busy with closing deals your VA can communicate with various lenders. Moreover, they can gather pre-approval information, schedule meetings, do follow ups and assist your clients in getting a pre-approved mortgage. This not only reduces yours but your client’s workload as well.

13. Paperwork Management

One of the most important tasks for a virtual assistant in real estate is managing the paperwork of the agent carefully. Most of these are very important legal documents containing sensitive information. Resultantly, most real estate agents try to do it all by themselves. However, by hiring a virtual assistant to take care of the maze of documentation, you can free yourself up without any worries. These virtual assistants are tech savvy and use electronic standardised forms which are easy to store and locate. This simplifies things for agents that may find difficulty in digitization.

14. Client Satisfaction Surveys

Your virtual assistant in the real estate industry can also draft and send out client satisfaction surveys to gather feedback and continuously improve your service offerings.

15. Competitive Analysis

As a part of the research work, your real estate virtual assistant can conduct a competitive analysis of various properties in your area. This can give you an edge over the competitors.


To conclude, there’s still a lot of different tasks a virtual assistant in real estate can do for you. Ranging from email campaign management to website maintenance. If you’re a real estate agent, now is the right time to hire a real estate virtual assistant and start blooming! Contact Infinity Business Solutions for more information.