The realtor lifestyle looks all flashy and cash-y, but in real(i)ty, it is a Herculean task.

The real estate sphere promises flexible work hours and impressive revenues, but this flexibility means no strict working hours exist. With this comes the actual challenge- slacking in tasks done, running around with no time off and no relaxation. Maintaining a calendar, taking timely breaks, making follow-up calls or even having a meal- seems like only Hercules could do them.

Additionally, the realtor industry is influenced by infrastructural and technological changes, government policies and political divisions, population numbers and indebtedness. While operating in such an atmosphere, concentrating on primary responsibilities and secondary tasks seem impossible.

What if we told you that IBS could make this as simple as chicken soup for you? Outsource your worries and have a burden-free work life by hiring the perfect Virtual Assistant for yourself from us.

Let us discuss some problems that already exist in the life of a realtor.

There is a constant technology change, like the upgradation of CRM and inventory software- keeping up with these and learning persistently should not be a realtor’s worry. Concerns about the data breach and losing data while transferring on domains might pressure a realtor into operating alone- manually, devouring hours of their week. Then comes the quicksand of calls- communicating and following up with clients and customers. 

Taking over the game becomes easier when we train and provide you with the missing chess piece, i.e., our Virtual Assistant. You will never have to worry about these repetitive and mundane tasks again.

Here are 11 ways a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you up the property game


Our VAs can help you stay updated by sorting through Zillow listings, tax databases, rentalizers and MLS.


Whom to meet, who to call, where is your next showing- outsource all your planning to your VA and now you have just to open your calendar and drive, not enter and delete appointments.


Your potential client is looking for a 4 bed-2 bath that houses her beautiful family, and she also wants a picturesque kitchen window. Your virtual assistant is here to sort listings and help you find the right deal.


You signed off some great properties and now must send the new owners housewarming gifts. The housekeeper is unavailable, and you need a move-in cleaning done. Leave it to your virtual assistant.


When you are wired to your phone half the time, how can you move around the town and sell properties? Calling up new leads, sending emails and posts, and conducting follow-up calls for your current sales are more things your assistant can help you get off your plate.


Math in your expertise should be limited to property deals. Your sales and expenses, customer payment information, and every other secure data can be left to your virtual assistant’s desk. We promise security and confidentiality.


Your VA can track every potential and high-priority client and find a queue for your open houses by maintaining your databases. 


Their roles will not be limited to your professional life. They are your assistant, so if you need to know the best vet in your area or the best creche for your baby- they are here to google it all up!


Strategising and establishing your brand, increasing customer traffic, solving queries online and building a platform to engage your existing clients can all be delegated to your VA so you can ace that showing that is coming up.


Your realtor blog can influence many budding prospects in the industry. Share your experiences with your virtual assistant and let them jot them down into inspiring articles that can boost your website and Linkedin reach.


Why can a real estate agent not have an influential social media page? Your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter say a lot about your life and you can find helpful connections you may have missed. Keeping a good profile that exhibits your wins and talks about your losses can help you attract networks that fill your gap, and with the right SEO, you can multiply customer reach.

When your life can be this simpler, why operate alone? BOOK A CALL with us and jump-start your passion with comfort.