Supercharge your Business

Supercharge your Business: Efficient Real Estate Assistants For Busy Agents

Feeling buried deep within property listings and client emails? Our skilled real estate assistants are here to rescue you! Transform your agency into the next Oppenheim Group with the help of tailored solutions and dedicated virtual real estate assistant.

Elevate Your Agency Game: How do Real Estate Agents Benefit?

Handling vast amounts of property data, client information, and transaction details can be overwhelming. This pressure can either elevate your estate agency or lead to higher therapy bills. Yet, achieving your goals can be made a lot easier, with an extra set of hands. Real estate virtual assistants from Infinity are the perfectly tailored match to your needs. Here’s what you get after hiring a real estate assistant from Infinity:

  • Data Management and Organization
  • Property Research Assistance
  • Workflow Automation
  • Client Service Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Data Security and Compliance

Case Study

“Deal Closed” is the sweetest phrase for a real estate agent. To succeed in this industry you need to be a go – getter. Let us tell you the story of Phil Dunphy, who had a knack for closing deals. Gradually, he found himself at the peak of his career, with so many property listings, that he started losing track of his paperwork. As a people person, Phil’s first priority was always his clients. Now, at his peak, he found himself so deeply buried in paperwork that he couldn’t cater to his clients as he used to. However, his problems were answered when he came across Infinity Business Solutions.

Solutions offered

When Phil understood that he would only stay at his successful position if he kept his clients his first priority, he came to Infinity for admin solutions. Here are the different ways in which we helped Phil in staying at the top of his game:

A Tailored Real Estate Assistant

Our virtual assistant quickly became Phil’s right-hand, expertly managing the administrative hurdles and allowing him to reclaim his time.

Data and Document Management

Property data usually dates back to ages. Our real estate assistant quickly took up organizing and managing databases, updating property listings, and maintaining accurate client records. Moreover, the virtual assistant also helps in automating and streamlining all documents for Phil. The paperwork that bothered him constantly, became a matter of fifteen minutes.

Administrative Tasks

Dealing with administrative duties such as paperwork, scheduling appointments, and managing emails was taking up the majority of work hours in a day for Phil. When our real estate assistant started handling the routine administrative tasks like managing emails, and scheduling appointments, Phil found himself with a few hours to spare and connect with potential clients.

Lead Generation and Client Follow – Up

The deal with Infinity helped Phil the most in focusing on his clients. Yet, we made it even easier for him to stay in touch with them with the help of chatbots, lead generation campaigns, creating a trending social media presence, and last but not the least, maintaining timely client follow ups.

Results for Phil

  • Phil reclaimed 30% of his time within the first month;
  • Engaged social media presence led to a 20% increase in client inquiries; and
  • Seamless client support resulted in heightened client satisfaction and

Be Like Phil – Stay at the Top of your Game

Don’t let the routine and repetitive tasks weigh you down. Be like Phil and discover the magic of a virtual real estate assistant. Book a consultation with us today, and let’s craft a success story together!


Fill in the gaps in your work and make it a smooth and pleasant experience for you with efficient, cost-effective and world-class Virtual Staffing Solutions by Infinity Business Solutions (IBS).

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