As November’s end approaches, our stomach flutters with excitement for the Christmas Holidays. And along with this tingle comes the stress of trying to do so much in so little time. That one big presentation, or a banger marketing scheme to garner more profit before the year ends, really takes the fun out of all things merry. As the sole operating head in your enterprise, you might dread the hassle of working during the holidays!

The three major stressors during this period are – balancing holiday events and office obligations, taking week-offs and coming back to expeditated tasks, and managing operations with reduced staff numbers. The brain goes something like this, “What all do I need to finish before the season comes up?” ; “When do I need to finish these?” and finally, “Do I have enough time?” And with this pondering, you start pulling all-nighters and X-haust the X-Mas cheer.

With IBS, the good news is that you don’t have to do it all alone! You have your Virtual Assistant that fits your every need, and they are “all hands on deck” to juggle the holiday rush WITH YOU.

Here are some ways your Virtual Assistant can declutter your workspace while you relax under the mistletoe.

  • Ask your VA to come up with engaging newsletters with the season’s greetings and upcoming business events to mail them to your clients and associates.
  • Spend some time with your dear ones while your VA covers your tasks and manages administration when you are away on a vacation.
  • Come up with marketing ideas and promotional campaigns for the season with your assistant. It’s Christmas time, and everyone wants to spend money!
  • Consumers love social media awareness. Your VA can help you assess and assist in your profile building with interactive content.
  • Christmas cards are an ancient tradition. Ask your VA to create a customized holiday card to convey your gratitude to the muscles and bones of your business.
  • A VA can manage and upkeep your contact lists, generate leads and respond to emails while you take some time off.
  • Unpaid invoices, settling balances, and checking off payrolls are time-consuming. Let your VA take care of these as the year ends.
  • A business must start over with the New Year. Guide your VA and let them analyze your company’s performance, provide insights on the scope of progress or improvement and come up with marketing plans for the new calendar.

Just like the elves who help Santa, IBS connects you with trained and efficient Virtual Assistants to get your tasks done. We are a managed Virtual Assistance platform who offers Technical support, Accounting services, Administrative Assistance, Digital Marketing and Website building. Our home-based VA services are convenient and have flexible working hours as per your requirement.

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